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The Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation Act 2009
NOTE: The Ontario  Ministry of Transportation has given a 5 year extension.

This became effective on Sept 6, 2012

In order to prevent any unnecessary delay, Canadian Amateurs in Ontario should consider carrying a copy of their Certificate of Proficiency plus a copy of the exemptions section of Bill 118. (Here’s the link: Ontario Highway Traffic Act Regulation 366/09 // CLICK Here for PDF file of Regulation.)

While such stops maybe annoying, the ability to produce these documents quickly would likely prove helpful.

If you are stopped by police for operating your two-way radio equipment, Radio Amateurs of Canada would very much like to hear from you. RAC will be keeping a record of any such stops for possible future use in their ongoing talks with government officials.

Any information can be forwarded to: rachq@rac.ca - It would also be helpful to send a copy to your local Amateur Radio Club President.

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